Lucia - candle holder for Pension für Produkte

Laser cut from a thin sheet of stainless steel, the Lucia candle holder can be easily folded into a three-dimensional shape by hand. The main focus was to transform the idea of mobility, old candle holders had, by creating a minimalistic, flatpack candleholder that could be easily moved around.


Pension für Produkte is a young design label from Hamburg, having its main focus on functional home accessories and small furniture.


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Photos by: Rafael Neff

Tecapa - Wood stove for Olsberg

The Tecapa fireplace is the result of a close collaboration with the German manufacturer Olsberg.

The challenge of this project was to create a fireplace which would complement the existing range of their products in a coherent way. To make the Tecapa fireplace part of Olsbergs strong and recognizable brand identity, the brand's values, needs and strengths, its history and design strategy had to be taken into consideration.


Olsberg is one of the oldest German family-owned companies and one of the leading suppliers of design-orientated wood stoves and industrial cast-iron products.

Cochecito - Toy car for ForestFinance

Cochecito is Spanish for "small car". The sturdy wooden toy, for children from two to five years old can be built, taken apart and rebuilt again. A simple plugsystem and a selection of six different elements allowes to build a variety of individual models. Creativity and imagination are encouraged in a playful way. The tropical wood for Cochecito comes from an environmentally managed forest in Panama. If you enter the GPS-data width of 8 ° 13'36 .78'' N, longitude 81 ° 52'58 .03'' W on Google Earth, you will find the homeforest of the Cochecito.


ForestFinance has planted ecological mixed forests in Panama since the 90ies. It is their goal to convert the value of these certified and sustainably managed forests into economic and ecological investment products.


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Maija - Vase and bowl

„Less is more,“ already the famous architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe knew this. The vase Maija with its white glazed ceramic body and a bowl of warm maple seems to agree with him. The two parts fit perfectly into each other and give Maija her generous round shape. Seperated, the bowl can serve you as a place for keys, fruits or a potpourri of dried flowers. Welcome home!


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Focus - Clock

What time was it again? Sometimes we tend to look at the clock without really looking, and the moment somebody asks us what time it is, we just can't tell. Living in the moment and really being there in our everyday life is not always easy. Focus helps us to pay more attention to what is in the moment and to direct our focus on the essential. Forms that are actually in contrast harmonize with each other. Warm wood structures alternate with colorfully painted surfaces. What time it is? Now, of course!


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Turia - Wood stove for Olsberg

Is there a more beautiful way to leave the day behind, than the pleasant warmth of a crackling fire? Turia is a fireplace that likes to play with the combination of materials and shapes. Whether wall-mounted or standing on a solid base, Turia always manages to stand out from conventional fireplaces. Fresh, bold and modern.


Olsberg is one of the oldest German family-owned companies and one of the leading suppliers of design-orientated wood stoves and industrial cast-iron products.

Klippen Klappen - Desk

The Klippen Klappen Desk is a combination of traditional mechanics and modern-day functionality. Aside from the storage of desktop accessories, the desk also includes a power-supply hub for electronic peripherals. Inspired by traditional sewing boxes, it compactly hides every object or working tool you put inside, while opened it is a minimal and functional desk. Klippen Klappen is an honest and simple sectretair, that in accordance with its origin strives to behave as discreetly as possible - for digital and analog notebooks.


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